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About Project

This project is a command-line program that extracts key terms and their definitions from the Pega Academy Glossary. Since this glossary is proprietary, the user must create an account on the PDN (Pega Developer Network). The glossary can be found by enrolling in a course on the PDN. Start a lesson, then click the "Complete Glossary" link on the right side of the page. The program is written for the glossary from the System Architect Essentials course for Pega 7.2.

I wrote this program in Java, the program parses the html file looking for span tags. The first span tag contains the key term, the second span tag contains the definition. Each key, definition pair is stored in an list which is serialized and written to a file for easy access.

To review key terms, run the program with the random command line argument. Press enter to bring up a key term, enter again to show the definition, enter again to repeat.


To lookup definitions for terms, run the program with the lookup command line argument. Enter a key term to look up a definition. The search term is case insensitive.


SHA256 sum: acdef3313a4aebcfa4de2fc76ad20d38d6d917fc91264330aff9dc6411380707